Why Rogue Trading

I have been wondering what I should have as my first proper blog post here on the site. I thought about it for a bit, then realised that the only people who will read this, will be the people that have come here early on, or who are sufficiently interested or bored to trail through all the future blogs to the ones that started it all.
With that in mind, this is a summary of my thoughts and what I want Rogue Trading to be.

Money is the driving force of business. Few would argue that. Large and small businesses alike tend to focus all their efforts on getting item X from A to B while making as much £ as possible. Cogs grind, lorries roll and out there somewhere a man (or woman, let's be fair) behind a desk adds another zero to their salary.
The things businesses do need doing, that much is true, but at the end of the day it all comes down to money. Money for the shareholders, money for the executives, money for shinier company cars, money to prove that my yearly turnover column is bigger than yours.
Money is a very important means to an end, and every moment of the news, about fraud, irresponsible bankers and nosediving economies, serves to remind us of this. Far less attention seems to be paid to job satisfaction levels, general happiness and people's hope for the future.

When I left university and had to find a job, my expectations were low. I felt I could live decently on £8,000 per year and quite happily on £10,000... and was well aware that some somehow got by on less than even that. Yet still there are people that complain about £65,000 salaries. This simply proves to me that money is addictive. The more you have, the more you need and the more you require just to be satisfied.

Money doesn't buy happiness.

Happiness comes from doing something you love, be it spending time at a party with friends, reading a good book or making something and feeling the satisfaction of a job well done.

Good business sense and steady profits are central to the survival of a business, but for something to endure, it also needs an actual purpose.

I want Rogue Trading to focus on making people happy; to trade in wares that are not only of good quality, but have a story and a character of their own, that people will be happy and proud to own; to make works of craftsmanship of fine quality with care and attention to detail, as well as helping other artisans ply the trades that they love. Last, but not least, I want to run events that are not only varied and entertaining, but also inspire and leave a lasting impression.

Above all else I want to do all of the above with a smile, a twinkle in the eye and a casual two-finger salute at norms and bland convention.

Adventures come to those who seek them.