Afon Mel Ginger Mead 37.5cl


A sweet, ginger-spiced mead from the New Quay Honey Farm (37.5 cl, 13%).

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The Afon Mel (lit. “river of honey”) range of meads from the New Quay Honey Farm are sweet, complex meads with flavour profiles comparable to sherry or port. Brewed up to 13% using honey from the meadery’s own Welsh hives, the meads are matured for 18 months in old whisky barrels. This not only gives the flavours and aromas plenty of time to blend and develop, but also adds sherry-like notes to the aftertaste, which can linger for a while afterwards.
Best enjoyed in small sherry glasses or snifters.

The Ginger mead compliments the sweet flavours of the honey by adding ginger to the fermentation, making this a metheglin (spiced mead). The subsequent cask maturation means that the ginger flavours have time to mellow and blend with those of the honey, resulting in a gentle warmth that goes down very well on a cold evening.

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