Rookery Lavender Mead 70cl


A medium-sweet mead from The Rookery with a strong lavender aroma and floral flavours (70cl, 17%).

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The Rookery meadery is as of writing Scotland’s only operational meadery. Focusing on purity as well as historical accuracy, their meads are made using ingredients that would have been available to people in medieval times, where possible using locally sourced and foraged ingredients.
The fermentation of strong Scottish heather honey tempered by a milder polyfloral honey up to 17% yields a warming mead with only a mild sweetness. This serves as a backdrop to the clear flavours and aromatics that make these meads quite popular among whisky-drinkers and as a lighter alternative for a post-meal tipple.

The Lavender Mead is a strongly aromatic mead produced by fermenting the honey with dried lavender. Where earlier batches underestimated the punch that the lavender packed, this most recent batch has a vastly improved balance. Every glass poured brings a heady lavender aroma and the honey takes the edge off the bitter flavours, resulting in smooth drink with floral and slightly dry notes that will appeal strongly to those who enjoy a herbal gin.

(Note: while the bottles may be labelled “sweet”, this sweetness should be considered on a wine scale, not a mead scale. For a mead, the Lavender Mead is at most medium sweet.)


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