Mountain Mead Telor Y Coed (Wood Warbler) 50cl


A light and refreshing medium-sweet traditional mead from the Mountain Meadery (50cl, 13%).

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The Mountain Mead meadery (Medd Mynydd in Welsh) selects honeys and ingredients that add something to the flavour without overcomplicating things, producing some amazingly delicate meads. While the sweetness can vary from “dessert wine” up to and including “dry white”, all are light and smooth. Carefully balanced, these meads provide just the right blend of sweetness, aroma and acidity to be served as a light wine.

The Telor Y Coed (Welsh for “Wood Warbler”) mead is a medium-sweet and light mead fermented from Welsh wildflower honey. It makes for an excellent dessert wine for those who don’t like the sharpness of wine, but find excess sweetness a bit too cloying. Its lightness means it can also be served chilled as a refreshing drink that slowly releases more and more of its delicate honey aroma as it warms.


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