Afon Mêl Taster Set (3x 5cl, 13%)


A set of three different sweet meads from the Afon Mêl bee farm and meadery (3 x 5 cl, 13%)

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The Afon Mêl (lit. “river of honey”) range of meads from the Afon Mêl bee farm and meadery are sweet, complex meads with flavour profiles comparable to sherry or port. Brewed up to 13% using honey from the meadery’s own Welsh hives, the meads are matured for 18 months in old whisky barrels. This not only gives the flavours and aromas plenty of time to blend and develop, but also adds sherry-like notes to the aftertaste, which can linger for a while afterwards.
Best enjoyed in small sherry glasses or snifters.

The Afon Mêl Taster Set is a great introduction to the Afon Mêl range of meads and consists of three 5cl bottles of their Honey, Blackberry and Heather mead.

The best place to start is the Honey mead, which is a pure mead made using Welsh wildflower honey. The gentle aroma and sweetness of the honey still give plenty of space for the aromas of the barrel to come through, giving a complex sherry-like flavour.
The Blackberry mead, which is a “melomel” (fruit mead), uses the same honey, but dives head-first into some seriously intense berry notes, and the cask maturation helps give it a long portlike aftertaste.
The Heather mead uses wildflower honey for the fermentation, but heather honey for the back-sweetening, giving it a incredibly rich honey aroma and flavour. This mead is a great way to demonstrate how different honeys can drastically change the flavour of a mead.

While nice as an introductory set for novice drinkers who already like oaky beverages and sweet wines, this is also a thoughtful gift for more experienced mead lovers who might enjoy the complexity of barrel-aged meads.


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