Mountain Mead Boda’r Mêl (Honey Buzzard) 50cl


A sweet and aromatic traditional mead from Mountain Mead (50 cl, 13%).

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The Mountain Mead meadery (Medd Mynydd in Welsh) selects honeys and ingredients that add something to the flavour without overcomplicating things, producing some amazingly delicate meads. While the sweetness can vary from “dessert wine” up to and including “dry white”, all are light and smooth. Carefully balanced, these meads provide just the right blend of sweetness, aroma and acidity to be served as a light wine.

The Boda’r Mêl (“Honey Buzzard” in Welsh) mead is one of Mountain Mead’s sweetest meads, pairing a generous honey flavour and aroma with a gentle and light mouthfeel. The honey is a mix of Welsh multifloral honey and honey imported from an organic beekeeping family business in Lithuania. Comparable to a dessert wine, this mead is an excellent pairing for ice cream or lighter desserts, particularly on warmer days.

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